3 Ways To Support Local Without Spending A Fortune

We've all heard the saying "when you shop local someone does a happy dance". It's true! I still get the warm fuzzies when someone places an order online or a wholesale order shows up in our email. It's such a rewarding feeling creating something that someone loves. 

What are some reasons to shop local:

1. You support your local economy. Small business owners are usually dealing with other local businesses for their supplies. When you buy a candle, you've also supported the people that supply our wax, wicks, jars, labels, graphic design, photography etc. 

2. Someone is making a living wage or investing that money right back into their business. 

3. You're literally allowing someone to live their dream life. This is no small thing, it's a miracle for some people and you're playing a part in that. 

But I understand that sometimes it's not that easy to shop local. Shopping local/small usually costs more and when you have a long list of people to shop for you can see that list adding up REAL fast.

Little Modern Market and Matchstick Wax Co. Soy Wax Candles

image: Substance Photography 


So what can you do this holiday season to support local/small business without spending a fortune?


1. Share your favorite businesses! 

A mention on Instagram, Facebook and in person goes a long way. Maybe you can't afford to buy candles for every person on your list this year but you absolutely love Among The Tall Trees. Would you share a photo of you burning it on Instagram and tag us? Sharing online is the easiest and cheapest way to help out your favorite small businesses this year. 

2. A kind word goes a long way.

You've been following a certain business and you love something about them but you mostly just creep behind the screen. Send a DM or email and let them know how you feel. I know this sounds like it's not a big deal because kind words don't pay the bills but kind words do help us keep going. I've had times where I needed a little reassurance that I was on the right track and feeling like giving up when someone popped into my DMs letting me know that a candle got them through a tough time. I can't even tell you what that does for me an no amount of money compares.

3. Buy a few local gifts this year.

I know, you want to support everyone you see at Christmas markets but you just can't and guess what - that's okay! Pick a few gifts from small businesses this year and shop from the big box stores for the rest of your list. 

Who are you favorite local businesses and how do you show your love for them? 

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